Insulated Porcelain Siding, Large Format Panels & Stone

"Helping Projects achieve net-zero status"

Insulstone Inc.

Imagine if you will a future with gleaming buildings covered with insulated porcelain that never fades, discolors, or stains. From vivid colors to traditional looks of granite, marble, wood grains, geometric designs, weathered metal or solid colors. This Innovative design dramatically reduces energy requirements and provides safety by withstanding incredible temperatures with high-rise fire rated panels, sound reduction, hurricane and seismic compliance. These buildings of the future are available with the ICAP Porcelain System. Buildings that will retain their beauty and the tests of time for many generations to come.

Joint the Exterior Porcelain Facade Movement

How insulated porcelain panels helps architects win awards and gain buisness!

  • Design Creativity
  • Impressed Clients
  • Increased Business
  • Long Term Satisfaction with minimal maintenance porcelain
  • Custom sizes & large format
  • Continuous Insulation R-10 to R-20
  • One-piece system reduces installation cost
  • Never fades, discolors or warps!
  • NFPA 285, Hurricane, Seismic, STC Sound Attenuation
    Now you can have the best at a competitive cost!

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