CastleRock Mortar-less, Insulated Natural Stone, Brick & Porcelain Panels

CastleRock Motto: "Irreducible Simplicity"

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Mortar-less, Insulated Porcelain Flush & Lap-siding Panels

Panelized Porcelain Brick Cladding>

InsulStone Mortar-less, Natural & Manufactured Stone Panels

Insulstone Inc.

Insulated, Mortar-less Stone, Porcelain, & Porcelain-Brick Panels

CastleRock insulated panels combine a continuous insulated interlocking panel with real engineered stone, porcelain, or brick to create a one-piece panel system.


  • Economical
  • The Mortar-less System is fast & easy to install
  • No complicated bracket or rail systems to install
  • Eliminates the expensive mason
  • Installs with staples or screws to sheathing, studs, block or concrete
  • Can be installed in most any weather conditions.
  • Panels have built-in Insulation Values from R-5 to R-30
  • Beautiful Porcelain Woodgrains never fade or discolor
  • Never warps & is scratch resistant
  • Shortens construction cycle time & keeps workspace clean

    US patent #8,176,701 B2, Canada patent#2,588,294

  • CastleRock Product Line

    CastleRock Porcelain, Brick & Stone panels are a tough, durable porcelain and engineered stone fascia bonded to a super high density EPS foam panel designed to meet continuous energy codes. The panels have a 360 degree ship-lap 1-1/2" interlocking tongue and groove with a "swedge" lock seal. The patented system has a hidden fastener design that does not use complicated brackets or rails. This makes it a fast, easy to system that can be installed by most anyone in most any weather conditions. The product has over 15 years of proven field experience. The exterior finishes are designed for "zero" maintenance other than periodical cleaning for appearance purposes. CastleRock Products are truly a step above all others.

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