Insulated Porcelain Panels

The Future of Exterior Insulated Cladding Systems

Imagine if you will a future with gleaming buildings covered with insulated porcelain that never fades, discolors, or stains. From vivid colors to traditional looks of granite, marble, wood grains, geometric designs or weathered metal. This Innovative design dramatically reduces energy requirements and provides safety by withstanding incredible temperatures. These are the buildings of the future and are available today with the ICAP Porcelain System. Buildings that will retain their beauty and the tests of time for generations.

Insulated Porcelain Plank Siding
Up to 12" x 72"

Medium Format Porcelain Panels
UP to 24" x 48"

Large Format Porcelain Panels
Up to 24" x 126"

Insulated Porcelain Brick

All CastleRock/ICAP Product Installs with Staples or Screws eliminating mortar, mess & reducing construction cost.

Formats and Standard Sizes

(For Horizontal, Vertical or Diagonal Installation)

Plank sizes are commonly 6"-8"-12" by 36"-40"-48"-60"-72"
Mid-sized 12"x24", 24"x48"

Standard Large Format Sizes: 14" x 63"

Incremental Large Format are custom cut sizes up to 24" x 126"
STD narrow sizes are 8", 12", 16", 24" by 63" or 126"

Dekton Large Format Colors

Plank Series Flush or Lap Siding Wood Grain Panels

Lap Porcleain Wood Grain Panels Dimensional Specifications JPEG
Flush Porcleain Wood Grain Panels Dimensional Specifications
Porcelain Siding F-Series Collection

Window/Door/Penetration Flashings

Flashings around windows/doors and penetrations commonly match the window frames or door frames. Corner flashings and penetration flashings usually match the cladding color as closely as possible. All flashings around doors, windows, corners and penetrations are to be caulked with a matching-colored caulking to prevent water intrusion

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