Porcelain, Insulated, Mortar-less Siding

Porcelain is the hardest, most fireproof, fade & scratch resistant, building material we have today. Styrofoam is one of the best insulative & longest lasting insulations we have. Put them together with CastleRock's Patented Zero-thermal transfer system, Fast & Easy installation & you have the best, most economical, durable high performing exterior siding system available.

Porcelain Flush & Lap Siding in numerous sizes, styles & colors!
"When only the best will do!"


  • Insulated, mortar-less porcelain panels interlock for fast, easy one-piece installation
  • Waterproof, stain-proof, scratch-resistant, dent-proof, fire resistant
  • Mechanically fastens to the wall with hidden staples or screws
  • Lap & Flush Siding Styles up to 24" x 120"
  • Corner, window & door trim
  • Graffiti resistant panels never require painting
  • Porcelain Panel Sizes up to 24" x 60"

    Now a fast, easy way to get that expensive “quarried” stone look with 24" x 48" low maintenance insulated porcelain panel. The low cost installation eliminates grout, mortar & lathe. No complex bracket or rails, just interlock the 1-piece, insulated panels & staple or screw to the wall. The hidden ship lap joint seals to repel water & controls expansion/contraction. The finished product is a beautiful, economical porcelain cladding with a lifetime finish that never needs repainting.
    Panel sizes range from 12”x12” up to 24”x60”. There are numerous granite, marble and other stone, solid & textured porcelain looks to choose from. The best for less!

    Green Feature "Self-cleaning" Series

    An economical Porcelain that removes automobile emissions from air & cleans itself!
    A 1,600 sq. ft. wall on residential building removes daily automobile emissions (NOx) of approximately 12 cars driving 30 miles/day. A 10,761 sq. ft. wall on a commercial building removes daily automobile emissions (NOx) of approximately 80 cars driving 30 miles/day. It offers Graffiti resistance & a self-cleaning feature using sunshine and rain to wash the walls clean. The finish never needs recoating. All of this on a fast, easy to install insulated wall panel.

    Large Format Porcleain up to 56" x126" (Click Link Below for Colors)

    Porcelain Siding F-Series Collection Colors
    Porcelain Siding F-Series Collection

    Porcelain Plank Siding up to 12" x 48"

    Lap Porcleain Wood Grain Panels Dimensional Specifications JPEG
    Flush Porcleain Wood Grain Panels Dimensional Specifications
    Flush Porcelain Panels up to 24x48

    Extra Large Format up to 56" x 126" are available by Custom Order. Contact CastleRock Architectural at 208-859-4200 for further details.

    Window/Door/Penetration Flashings

    Flashings around windows/doors and penetrations should be colored to match. Corner flashings should match porcelain as closely as possible. Flashings are required to make of 24-gauge stainless steel, .035" precoated aluminum or 24-gauge minimum corrosion resistant galvanized metal and sealed watertight to the porcelain with a durable matching color sealant.

    Window Trim Flashings
    Window Door Side Trim

    Flashing location assembly around Window


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