Porcelain for long lasting, low maintenance beautiful walls

CastleRock™ has developed exciting new breakthroughs in exterior porcelain and porcelain brick panel technology:


  • Insulated porcelain panels interlock for fast, easy one-piece installation
  • Mechanically fastens to the wall with staples (don't have to hit studs) or screws
  • Zero flame spread and smoke generation
  • Siding available in lap-siding, flush, or flush w/grout joints
  • Corners and window trims interlock
  • NFPA 285 Series available
  • Graffiti resistant porcelain siding & brick
  • Optional self-cleaning, emission reducing coating
  • Never requires refinishing or repainting

    Excellent choice for hotels, schools, commercial, multi-family & residential buildings. Save energy, reduce noise & keep the walls looking clean and new.

    See: Green Brochure

      (below) for self-cleaning/emissions reduction

  • The Porcelain Panel Green advantage:

  • The Green Choice: Porcelain panels are commonly made from recycled content such as glass bottles. This make porcelain one of the most environmentally beneficial products available.

  • Emissions reducing Hydrotect coating available (see below)
  • Graffiti Resistance
  • Never requires refinishing or painting
  • EPS foam insulation saves energy throughout service life
  • Insulstone Inc.
    Insulstone Inc.
    Brick and Porcelain