Insulated Porcelain, Stone & Brick Panels

Insulstone Inc.

CastleRock's one-piece insulated porcelain siding & panels make exterior porcelain installation fast & easy!

  • Staple or screw the interlocking panels to the wall
  • No complicated bracket or rail systems to install
  • One-Piece Panel with continuous insulation values of R-10 to R-20
  • Impervious to water, never fades, discolors, warps or require refinishing
  • Panels do not adhere with mortar

    US patent #8,176,701 B2, Canada patent#2,588,294

  • Why is CastleRock Exceptional

    CastleRock Porcelain, Brick & Stone panels have a unique, patented, insulated, Lego-like assembly that saves time and money. The low maintenance, durable porcelain, porcelain brick and natural stone fascia are waterproof and will never fade or warp. The panels are "mortar-less" and staple or screw to the wall. The fasteners are hidden and do not use metal tracks or brackets. The super high density EPS foam panel is designed to meet continuous energy & building codes. The interlocking tongue & groove with a "swedge-lock" seal makes it a fast, easy to system that can be installed by most anyone in most any weather conditions. With over 15 years of proven field experience, you can rely on CastleRock to outlast other exteriors and never require painting or refinishing. Economical, durable & energy efficient.

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