Mortar-less Stone Panels

QwikStone - InsulStone

CastleRock™ offers the following series of insulated stone panels:

QwikStone R-5
InsulStone R-10 to R-30

Qwik-Stone™ an economical,, R-5 insulated stone panel. It has a 1" insulated panel with 1-1/2" of stone. The thinner profile allows it to fit to most windows and doors without special trim.

InsulStone™ is our premium grade with R-Values from R-10 to R-30. It has full corners & window/door trims with a thicker wainscot cap for a more dramatic 3-D effect.

All CastleRock™ mortar-less insulated stone panel products reduce installation time, energy costs, & dramatically increase insulation value. It can be installed in most any weather conditions by anyone with basic carpentry experience.


  • Small panel sizes (6"x22") reduce waste ($ cost) at windows & termination points.
  • Panels interlock and staple to the wall and you don't have to hit the studs. (Screws can be used if desired)
  • The mechanically fastened panels provide superior protection from high winds, seismic events, and freeze/thaw damage.
  • CastleRock™ Insulated Stone Panels offer the advantages of masonry stone on an economical, easy to install insulated panel.
  • Staybridge

    The 2018 Anchorage, Alaska Earthquake
    On November 30, 2018 at 10:44 PM, a 7.0 earthquake hit Anchorage, Alaska. The IHG Staybridge Hotel pictured above was under construction. CastleRock-InsulStone had been installed between November and April because it could be installed in below zero temperatures, insulated & mortar-less. The building and exterior suffered considerable damage with broken studs and buckled sheetrock and stucco, but InsulStone survived with minimal damage. See the reference from Alaska Construction Management Services who oversaw the project.

    Alaska Construction Management Services

    "Shortly before the closing of this project, a large and destructive earthquake hit the Anchorage area resulting in significant damage to the finishes on the hotel. Despite the potential for severe damage to the exterior cladding, in the end we only had to replace 4 stone panels that fell off the building. This is a tribute to the design of the Insulstone panels, which are both durable and attractive".

    Stone Usage

    • Wainscot cap/sill
    • Stone electrical box surrounds
    • Dryer vent surrounds
    • Light bases
    • Starter metal

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